Ted Nasmith: The Shores of Valinor, 1990  

Most of it is laid out in the very book itself as it is my soul profile if you will.

But here let it be known that I`m born in Belgrade, Serbia and ever since I was conscious I was creating some form of art. Early on I got hooked on books by Jack London like White Fang or Call of the wild.
And early on I was spontaneously writing poetry.

Years passed by and poems were piling up as my inspiration was growing.
Sometimes a year would pass and I would not write a single poem and then in a flash and moment of lucidity I would create dozens of them in days to count.
Naturally my first ones were in Serbian which is my native tongue. Later on I started on English.
Inspiration was always around and inside of me.

Flashes of light and myself traveling through unknown quantum field of experience catching phrases shapes colors and… things… just to channel them into words that became poems.

I was greatly inspired by Bible and Tolkien in a way of exploring the depths of those gems where many fear to thread.
It`s there, above religion and beyond human dogma about God and Love.

It was and is always there for all to see and feel it. Just one quick brush over your eyes and voila!
It`s there. Your own treasure.

Your own life and love.

I live art in all ways and enjoy art in all forms.

Be it music or painting or sculpture or hairdressing or anything that human or spiritual hand can create that holds the divine beauty.

I hope that my art will touch hearts and inspire souls to find their own treasure and shine it!

We all need this. We are all God`s children and heirs to the throne, if you will.
No excuses.
Love is all that is.
And this is the ultimate truth.

Bless you, dear souls who read this. Shine your light and bring the divine beauty!

B. Maximus



© 2013 Milorad Maksimovic - B. Maximus - All rights reserved.

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