B.Maximus: From forgotten world into eternity, 2012  

Ancient mariners
Ted Nasmith: The Shores of Valinor, 1990

Ancient mariners
We are sailing through this life
on the sea waves...
The sea of love and hate,
which we understand not.

Roaring thunders in darkest nights
and heavy rain veils…
When our feet feel the Earth again,
we will thank the heavens above.



God's childrenInes De Castro: Ronde, 1999

God’s children

The bright light of new morning
is waking me up, raising my eyes .
And sounds of birds singing...
Colors of the day are violet and gold
mixed in the dew, made the perfect mold.
Of unity of the living...

I am alone or so I thought.
Spread over the moss and flowers beneath.
Sinking low in my mind
and flying high on the ray of Love.

Then I saw you...
Then I heard you divine voice.
Then I kissed your lips
for you are my everlasting choice.

Tinuviyel, my only fair
living beauty, upon the land
and all across the universe,
wherever your feet stand.


Blessed be the new light and Love that spreads over
forever here shining bright and wonders that uncover
our hearts and our souls,
as God`s children, truly loved.



Memory of BeautyInes De Castro: Duo, 2000

Memory of beauty

Summer breeze was meant to be,
to tease your arms and palm of your left hand
where you held a rose for me.

And Birches are singing in a memory of you
swinging mighty ,following lightly
your trace imprinted in ether-in truth.

Your hair would burn the wind,
when dancing alone behind the pale trees
in the forests of old,
where I first saw you...

Where my heart always return
to sing our song and dance our tune.


Riders of the storm
Ines De Castro: Night Flight, 1999

Riders of the storm
I am fighting with this lightening,
It`s burning my hands...

Will you help me, my friend of old?
I cannot wield alone this bolt!
Other friends will come along
in their ways on this world...

We`ll be riding storm
with sheer joy!
It is burning our hands but warming our hearts,
we`re shedding light over dark skies!



StargazersDalibor Zlatkovic: Blue Night & Stars, 2005

Minstrels are singing loudly,
for darkness is conquered by light!

A new age is dawning brave,
where all are humans ,
where there are no slaves.

Words cannot say and eyes cannot see,
all that is carried by light-nay!
Towards our hearts, our very souls
in this day.

And I am no longer just a Stargazer,
because the dream I live again.
For through the spirit I see the Maker,
in this glorious day!



Memory of BeautyInes De Castro: Under the moonlight, 1999

Scent of divine
For whom all flowers bloom?
Is it not for eyes of the beholder?

For whom they carry scent of divine?
four my heart and thine...

For whom little lily opens its chest,
when dawn brings in champagne of moist?

It takes a minute, maybe a day...
and whole eternity to be carried away!
Into heavenly realms,
our Father`s playgrounds...
To grasp the beauty of one flower,
created for us and all others...


Riders of the storm
Ted Nasmith: Tuor Reaches the Hidden City of Gondolin, 1996

My beautiful Father

I need to thank you,
I must,
my beautiful Father.

For all the life that I feel,
because there is no other...

No one greater whom I can trust
In vastness of the universe,
In all thoughts that exist
you are there because YOU live...

For every breath that I take
and everything that I do
for all my senses and all I make
I yearn to say: "thank you..."

And I bless you and I love you.

And I ask you to send my blessing
across the lands, across the space
that every soul whom feel the light
may grow in their grace!

That`s why I need to thank you.
my dear Father in heaven,
For love is all there is,
let it shine - now and forever!



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