B.Maximus: From forgotten world into eternity, 2012  

There comes a time when soul sends you the signal of awakening.
It is often very silent and gentle, almost unheard and most of the
time neglected.

But when you hear it, taste it and fully absorb it, then it happens.
The miracle of you.
Long time ago in an age long forgotten there was a world where
light and darkness twisted their own stories among human beings.
And from that world I bring you memories, sufferings, joy, sadness
but most of all –Love.
Love -that power of endless life and change.
And now it comes from long forgotten world, into eternity.

“This book is quite beautiful. The verses touched me and the illustrations are other worldly.
It reminds me of Kalhil Gibran. Well worth purchasing.”

                                                                                                                             Amazon UK review




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